How do hyperfine interactions relate to other interactions you know about in atoms, molecules or solids? After this video, you will understand the relation between hyperfine interactions and other interactions in atoms, and you will understand the origin of their name. The video culminates in the Very Important Picture nr. 1 (VIP-1), which is the graphical summary of the first few (physics) modules of this course.

After the video, there is one very practical task, and there is a form to fill out with questions about this topic.

The practical task: download/print VIP-1, and put it at a place in your house where you are sure you will see it multiple times per day. Whenever you see it, go in your mind through the logic of this picture. After some time, you’ll understand it so well that you will never forget it. As this picture summarizes much of hyperfinecourse A, it’s worth this special effort.

Optional: Take a picture of the place where you have put VIP-1 (with or without yourself on the picture as well), and send it via to They will be added to a hall of fame page in the course site, documenting the range of places where VIP-1 appears. When sending, add this short info in city, country, short description of the place/room where you took the picture, and the reason why you put it there.

To complete this topic, answer some questions about the VIP-1 video in the form underneath. This will be discussed in the upcoming feedback webinar.

Expected time: 90 minutes (report)