perturbation theory

Perturbation theory will come in handy for constructing the equations that describe the hyperfine structure. If you learned about perturbation theory before, you will brush up the main concepts. If you didn’t meet perturbation theory before, you will understand its aim and the global procedure.

Go through this video, and solve the task you find underneath. As optional resources, two Wikipedia entries about perturbation theory are added at the end. Other optional resources, found and recommended by students in this course: a chapter on non-degenerate and on degenerate perturbation theory by Graeme Ackland (University of Edinburgh), and a concise summarizing video on perturbation theory.

The task related to this video is: Search an example of an unperturbed quantum system, with two possible perturbations to it: one that lifts the degeneracy of the unperturbed system, and one that does not. Write down your answer in one single pdf file (typed or hand-written), preferably compress it, and upload it as pdf file (not zipped, not tarred,…) via the ‘quiz’ button underneath:

perturbation theory

It may be interesting to stroll through related Wikipedia pages (optional):

Expected time: 60 minutes (report)