(optional) the dilution refridgerator

Here are two optional videos.


  1. One is a summary of what you just learned about LTNO and NMR/ON, formulated by a researcher who actually uses these methods. The other is meant for digging deeper on two related methods: beta-NMR and beta-NQR. In the first six minutes of this conference talk, C. Gaulard summarizes the LTNO and NMR/ON methods.
  2. In this conference talk, H. Heylen explains beta-NMR and beta-NQR, two methods we did not discuss so far. With the background you have by now, you should be able to understand them (yes. I challenge you ;-)). What you should know in advance: the method starts by implanting a polarized beam into a crystal, where a polarized beam means a beam of ions with nuclei with a preferential orientation of their nuclear spins. That preferential orientation (‘polarization’) remains after the implantation. The relevant part starts at 2m00s, and takes about 4 minutes.