EPR and NMR have both their advantages and disadvantages. Can we make a combination with the best of both worlds? You will understand the physics behind the advantages and disadvantages of NMR and EPR, and you’ll understand qualitatively how ENDOR succeeds in combining these advantages:

The task that comes with this video is as follows: search a recent article (preferably at most 3 years old) where ENDOR has been used. Glance over the paper and read selectively some excerpts until you are able to answer the following questions:

1) Sketch in 2-3 sentences the purpose of this paper.
2) Show a spectrum with ENDOR data from this paper, and relate the kind of information you see on that picture to what you learned in the course.
3) Try to find a reason why ENDOR (and not another method) has been used in this case.

Prepare a pdf in which you mention the paper you found (including a url, preferably as DOI), and include your answers on the above questions. Submit your pdf via this ‘quiz’ button:

Expected time: 50 minutes (report)