realizing nuclear resonant scattering

Scientists were hunting to realize nuclear resonant scattering a few decades ago. As it turned out, they were searching in the wrong direction… After this video, you will understand how high temperatures combined with high-speed drives can lead to a small number of resonant scattering events. And you will see how the unexpected existence of recoilless scattering leads to a much larger number of resonant scattering events at low temperatures with low-speed drives.

The recoil energy can be overcome by putting the source on a fast train, that moves at the speed of sound towards the scatterer.” Describe the practical difficulties you would run into, if you would want to set up a resonant scattering experiment in that way. Can you think about ways to make such an experiment nevertheless practically feasible? Put your ideas in the forum, and comment on the suggestions left there by your colleagues:

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Expected time: 40 minutes (report)