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    Robbe Van Duyse

    g-factor is given by g = (mu*hbar)/(mu_N*I)

    a) GS of Cd-111 –> g = (-0.5940(3)*hbar)/(mu_N*1/2)
    Exc state of Cd-111 –> g = (-0.766(3)*hbar)/(mu_N*5/2)

    b) for the free electron we have the formula g = (mu*hbar)/(mu_B*S), seeing as we have a free electron we have mu = mu_B and S = 1/2 so g = 2*hbar

    c) for the free neutron we have g = (mu*hbar)/(mu_N*I) so mu = (g*mu_N*I)/hbar where g = -3.826 and I= 1/2. The values of hbar and mu_N can be looked up.

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